Best Online Platforms for College Sports Recruiting in 2024

When starting the recruiting process, it's best to use every type of advantage possible in order to make forward progress to achieve the difficult goal of playing college sports. Whether it is recruiting for college soccer, basketball, football, or any other sport imaginable, looking into good college recruiting websites is a fantastic way to make connections and get your talent into the right eyes. This week, Top Tier Lessons is giving you our recommendations for the best sports recruiting websites to start and/or continue the recruiting process.

#1: NCSA

As one of the most successful and biggest sports recruiting platforms, NCSA is a great way to get started on your college recruiting journey. As well as offering a comprehensive and extensive recruiting platform for almost every sport, NCSA offers other services and upgraded packages in order to support and help an athlete thrive every step of the way. One interesting part about NCSA is that there is a free camp lookup for all sports that they offer. Without having to even sign up and have an account, athletes can see what colleges associated with NSCA are offering camps.
Check out their website above to not only see the variety of services offered, but to also see pricing plans for different goals and paths for an athlete's career.

#2: CaptainU

Very similar to a service like NCSA, CaptainU offers great opportunities to communicate and stay in contact with college coaches. Whether it is as simple as reaching out to try and join a camp, or putting all of your accolades and highlight tapes in your account, this service allows you to decide how much work you want to put in, while at the same time putting your name out there for coaches to directly get in touch with you. Check out their list of testimonials here and their website below.
Captain U, as well as many other college recruiting websites allow athletes to start with a free account, opening the door for opportunity right away. Although there may be more premium options and pricing plans, it is good to know that there is a path for everyone.

#3: SportsRecruits

As a competitor to many college recruiting websites, SportsRecruits offers a clean and exciting website, curated to athletes and coaches. With exciting interfaces, combining the likes of social media and college recruiting, this is a perfect service for any athlete trying to get recruited.
Head to their website above, and check out their interactive videos on how their service works, as well as their quick and easy process to create an account.

Some things to consider

Remember, recruiting platforms are not the only part of the recruiting process. Looking into other services to support these platforms are a necessity. For example, working with a service such as Hudl allows athletes, coaches, and teams upload, edit, and highlight sports content. Each and every one of these services listed above rely on using highlight videos to get and athlete's talent out to hundreds of coaches.
Don't forget to also check out their blog, to understand a bit more about the service and how you can use it for your own recruiting process!

Good Luck!

As exciting and helpful these services can be in order to get recruited, it is still a tough process. If you are interested in learning more about what the world of college athletes and college sports is up to, remember to come back for weekly Top Tier Blogs. Don't forget to also check out our Top Tier Lesson's Website in order to book your next lesson with an elite college athlete in your area!
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