3 Highest NIL Deals for Athletes

The Rise of NIL

In light of the new rules and regulations with NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) athletes around the country are able to financially benefit from their roles in college sports. Whether that is representing a local business or maybe even a sports brand, the opportunities are seemingly unlimited. In today's Top Tier Lesson's Blog we are going to list some of the top paid NIL athletes currently benefiting from the new NCAA college sports rules. Let's check it out!

#1 Paid NIL Athlete: Bronny James

Bronny James, who is currently playing college basketball at USC (University of Southern California), has an estimated NIL projection of 6.1 Million Dollars. As the son of Lebron James, arguably one of the best and most influential basketball players of all time, it makes sense that Bronny already has some attention on him. As a great basketball player himself, Bronny has a lot of potential, and he is clearly using his influence and skill to financially succeed.
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#2 Paid NIL Athlete: Shedeur Sanders

Shedeur Sanders, a football player for Colorado University, is the second highest NIL athlete, just below Bronny James, with an estimated 4.1 Million in earnings. Similar to Bronny, although Shedeur is a great athlete with a lot of potential, being the son of one of the most famous and talented football players of all time, Deion Sanders, has helped grow his influence. Now coaching over his son for Colorado University, Deion and Shedeur Sanders have created an environment where they can receive a lot of influence and attention through social media. This has opened up Shedeur to many different opportunities to make money from his name, image, and likeness.
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#3 Paid NIL Athlete: Livvy Dunne

With an estimated 3.2 Million Dollar estimated, Livvy Dunne is one of the most influential people currently on social media. Competing in gymnastics at LSU (Louisiana State University), she has used her athletic career to build a huge following on different types of social media platforms. Through her rise of fame in the social media sphere, Livvy used NIL opportunities to grow her following and her influence even more, through brand deals and other forms of NIL marketing.
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The Norm, or a just few Exceptions?

Although this is just a brief overview of 3 of the top paid NIL athletes in history, it is interesting to see what types of athletes rise to the top. Having a strong connection to social media, already having fame/influence beforehand, and being a personality that many can relate with are all characteristics for these athletes above. However, there are many other ways that athletes who aren't famous or influential can benefit from NIL. For example, Top Tier Lessons offers athletes across the country to utilize the new NIL rules by giving them the ability to host their own private sports lessons. What matters for Top Tier is emphasizing the skill and the character of each athlete, in order to offer an amazing experience for young athletes in need of training and in need of a good role model. Although it is easy to see all of the NIL athletes who have made it big and think that it is impossible for any of type of college athlete to make an impact, remember that there are many ways in which NIL can be beneficial for all athletes across the country.
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