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Check out what our students and athletes think of their experience with Top Tier Lessons
Booked 7 lessons with TTL

First, I have to say that Makira is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! She did such a great job with my son and, in just one hour, she helped him gain confidence in himself and he enjoyed his session so much. It also makes me happy that he can meet young athletes and adults that he can look up to.

Logan Kuehne
Coached 28 lessons with TTL

Top Tier has had a tremendous impact on me because I've watched the kids I work with become more comfortable and confident in the water. It gives me so much joy to watch a kid I've worked with consistently begin to swim stronger on their own and apply what we've worked on.

Booked a lesson with TTL

We've only had one lesson but I'm so happy. Logan connected with her easily, tried a lot of different things to get a feel of my daughter's comfort level, but I feel like she was able to make progress right away! For swimming lessons for young kids, this is exactly what we needed! I think it is a huge win for us parents!

Booked a lesson with TTL

Working one-on-one with a D1 athlete is a rare opportunity for mentorship with someone currently playing your child's sport at a high level. As an accomplished center midfielder, Brooke offers specific instruction and skill development to my daughter who shares the same position.

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